Q: How much does it cost the campers to go to camp each year?
A: Camp River Run is entirely FREE to each of our campers. Volunteers are required to submit a $20.00 processing fee for first aid/CPR training and a background check if they are attending camp.

Q: How much of the money that is donated to Camp River Run goes to the kids that attend camp?
A: 99.5% of all donations to Camp River Run are utilized for camp each year. The balance of funding is utilized for daily operations at Camp River Run headquarters. Camp River Run, Inc. has one full-time Executive Director.

Q: What qualifies a child to attend our camp?
A: To qualify for Camp River Run, the applying child must be between 7-17 years of age and have a primary medical condi-tion that is life threatening and/or disabling. If the child also has mental/developmental conditions, these must be evaluated and found to be symptoms that do not need extra care or special education from our volunteer staff and the child must be able to behave appropriately in a group setting away from their parents/guardians. If your child is 15 or over they may be considered for a position at camp as a Junior Counsellor.

Q: How do I apply for my child to attend camp?
A: Print, complete and submit the Candidate Application. Instructions for this process can be found on our “Register/Sign Up” link on this website.

Q: How can I become a volunteer at camp?
A: Print, complete and submit the Volunteer Application. Instructions for this process can be found on our “Register/Sign Up” link on this website. There are many positions for volunteers at camp. Our camp counsellors must be 15 years of age to apply.

Q: What medical support is provided to campers and volunteers at camp each year?
A: Every year our Medical Team and Nurses attend camp for the entire duration of camp. They are equipped with each camper’s specific medical needs and have done extensive consultation with the camper and their families during the application process.

Q: Can I attend or visit my child at camp?
A: Camp River Run does not allow or recommend parents accompany their child to camp. We provide not only a break for the children but also a relief for the parents. We do not allow parent visits at camp as they may, in some cases, lead to homesickness. This can be disruptive for the child as well as the other campers and volunteers. Camp River Run has a Parent Coordinator at camp that parents may reach out to should they feel the need to call, but we ask that this be done only in cases of near emergency.

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