Camp History

The Dream

The DreamCamp River Run was created because of a dream by founder Shawna Van Beek. This is her dream that started it all.

“My dream of starting a camp for kids affected by life threatening illnesses began with a 17-year old young lady who was in and out of remission with her battle with cancer. Despite multiple hospital visits and uncertain prognosis, she always remained so positive and optimistic about the future. One summer’s afternoon over ice cream I asked her what made her tick; what she said impacted me for the rest of my life.

She told me that what kept her going was knowing that she would have the opportunity to serve as a junior camp counselor later that year at a camp for kids with cancer. She went on to say that going to that camp every summer as a child made her and all the other kids feel “normal” for one week out of the year. That hit me like a ton of bricks—that these kids just want to feel normal—and going to camp is how they achieve that feeling.

It was that day that sparked my life’s dream, and I am so happy to say that with the help of six other wonderful members on the Camp River Run Board of Directors, that dream came true and the first week of camp in Cascade was held in July 2008!”

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